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Dressage.TV Dressage Show Videos

I (Sean Kelley) will be the official show videographer for several North Carolina dressage shows in 2011. Look for me wearing the hat with the logo you see at the top of this site.

Sean 2011 Official Dressage Show Video

Video taping is done only by advance sign-up.  Please register and pay for rides as soon as possible to ensure we can accommodate your times.  You may sign up for ride videos now.  Pay with credit or debit card.

Sign-up & Pay Now


Video Cost:

Video prices are $30 per ride.  Price include DVD, case, and shipping.  Add $5 per ride for upload to YouTube instead of DVD.

To sign up with a paper form, check, and send via regular mail, please complete this form.

Upcoming 2011 Dates

  • Antares Dressage, Pinehurst, NC Mar 20
  • Antares Dressage, Pinehurst, NC Apr 17
  • Dressage in the Sandhills, Pinehurst, NC May 6-8
  • Antares Dressage, Pinehurst, NC May 29
  • Raleigh CDI- Raleigh, NC June 3-5 Cancelled
  • Antares Dressage, Pinehurst, NC Jun 12
  • Antares Dressage, Pinehurst, NC July 3
  • Labor of Love, Raleigh, NC Sept 3-4
  • Pinehurst Fall Dressage, Pinehurst, NC Sept 24-25

Comments from Labor of Love 2010 Customers...


"Just a quick note to thank you for the videos. They were all of great quality and the You-Tube links makes it very user-friendly. Thank you so much." Jules N.

"Thanks for doing the video so quickly!  It looks so cool."  Amanda K.


Sign-up For Videos

To request ride videos online, please do the following:

  1. Register to use this site (its easy).
  2. Add Video for each class you want video taped and save it.
  3. Add each video to cart (after you have saved it).  An "Add to Cart" button will appear in the left column once you save your video request. 
  4. Checkout:  Pay for your shopping cart items securely. Your payment is processed with Google Checkout and costs you nothing extra.  Use credit, debit, or gift cards with the following logos- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.  We only pre-authorize your credit or debit card to reserve your ride at time of request. We process the charge only if we can successfully provide you with finished ride on DVD or Web as requested.


If you would like your ride video taped and have questions, please call Sean Kelley at 910-295-0075 (evenings) or 910-603-8223 (cell on show days) or email .  Please include the rider name, horse name, date you are riding, the test & level, and horse number for each ride you want taped.

Request Videos Early

I will only be able to video rides that are requested ahead of time.  It will be first-come, first-serve due to the number of arenas and the distance between them, those who reserve and pay ahead if the ride date have the best chance.  Payment must be in advance but is refundable if we are unable to accommodate your ride time.

Video Formats & Delivery Options

You can get rides on a couple of ways.

  • DVD-  A DVD can be created and mailed to you.
  • Web-  The video can be uploaded to under the DressageTV account and can be added to other sites if desired such as Vimeo, etc.  Please add $5 per video for Youtube uploads. 

    YouTube videos can be hidden from general visitors & searches and only made available to people you tell about it!

High Definition (HD)
-  I video with a high definition (HD) camera in a mode which creates very high quality online videos.  They can be uploaded in HD which makes them very large and sharp for those that want to play bigger videos on sites like YouTube and have a fast internet connection.

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